Berkeley’s online course discovery platform


What is Berkeleytime?

Berkeleytime is a course discovery and planning tool which combines all of Berkeley's academic information in one place. Tens of thousands of Berkeley students use Berkeleytime every semester to plan their class schedule, filter by breadth and college requirements, look up historical enrollment trends, and view previous grade distributions.


Berkeleytime is built on a state of the art microservice architecture. We are constantly looking for and incorporating the latest industry standards into our work. See what we use to build the app!

Roles at Berkeleytime

  • Project Manager - Leads the team, plans and manages the project lifecycles, and handles external relations.
  • Design - Creates low to high fidelity mockups, conducts user testing, and creates brand guidelines.
  • Frontend - Implements the React frontend that users see and interact with.
  • Backend - Builds the BerkeleyTime infrastructure and implements server side functionality.