The OCTO API is a resource for student developers at Berkeley to have access to the same data that backs Berkeley Mobile, for the purpose of supporting student created applications and research projects. Please use this free resource fairly by not unnecessarily spamming the API and crediting ASUC OCTO as the source. We do not provide guarantees about the correctness of the data, but we do try to maintain it to the best of our abilities. If you have any questions or if you see something wrong, feel free to email us.

Getting Started

  1. Getting your Tokens

  2. Using your Access Token
  3. For all of your API requests, pass your access token in your request’s Authentication header as a Bearer Token. You can read more about JSON Web Tokens and the Bearer schema .

    If you are using Postman, the screenshot below shows how to use the token.

  4. Using your Refresh Token
  5. Your access token is only valid for 2 days. To get a new access token, make a POST request to our refresh_token endpoint (listed under Authentication below). Pass your refresh token in the body of your request as JSON.

API Documentation